Step-by-Step Organic Gardening Guide

Organic Gardening Guide
The Organic Home Gardening Secrets eBook: a complete Organic Gardening Guide

Why get an organic gardening guide ?

I decided to write this Organic Gardening Guide because, for a number of years, commercial farmers and home gardeners were made to believe that using chemical fertilizers is the way to go to grow good and healthy plants, and that pesticides and herbicides are the only effective way of controlling pests, weeds and plant diseases that commonly infest the garden.

But numerous studies have proven how these supposedly miracle products are causing more harm than benefits. Coincidentally, studies also show that organically grown foods are more nutritious and better tasting than those cultivated using these chemicals. In fact, a number of these products are already being pulled out from the market because of the level of toxicity that they contain.

And this only leaves us with one very important and sensible conclusion: Organic home gardening is the safest and most natural way of growing plants without causing adverse effect on the quality of our food and damage on the soil and the environment, as I underline throughout my Organic Gardening Guide.

But despite this, still quite a few frown at this method of gardening. We were conditionned to doing everything ‘the easy way’. Organic home gardening, with its traditional strategies and natural processes, was often looked at as ‘the hard way’ of taking care of the garden. We think of it as an activity that requires long hours of back-breaking work.
So naturally, many would still prefer the fuss-free and instant fixes that they get from commercial fertilizers and other related products.

What many fail to realize is that along with the discovery of the horrors of using chemicals, many organic garden advocates have also found ways to make this natural method easier and more rewarding for us.

The key element in a successful organic garden is to understand everything about an organic garden: what the plants need, what is the role of the soil, what attracts pests, what causes diseases, why weeds spread, etc. The more you know about your garden, the more you’ll find better ways to grow healthy plants and reap bountiful harvests. All this information can be found in my Organic Gardening Guide.

To a budding gardener, or even to a seasoned grower who’s been used to the non-organic way of growing plants, this can be a daunting task. Finding the right information about organic gardening is like weeding out the good plants from the bad ones. And if you’re not careful, this could cost you time and money.

When I was starting out in this hobby (it started out as a hobby that turn into a life-long passion), I had the same dilemma. It took me years to finally understand what I needed to do and a few more years to know what works and what doesn’t. It was all labor of love, but I didn’t care because I’m really passionate about organic home gardening.

I also realized that the things I’ve learned based on my many years of experience as an organic gardener are valuable information that can help out a lot of garden enthusiast out there, who are probably confused and have no idea where to start, just I was many years ago. So I decided to compile all these information in an eBook and create an Organic Gardening Guide that hopefully, will inspire you to start and grow your own organic home garden.

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To access the ebook, please click here: The Organic Home Gardening Secrets eBook,  a comprehensive organic gardening guide.