Organic Garden Seed: The Starting Point of an Organic Garden

If an entire garden is grown from seeds, then to an organic purist, an organic home garden must begin with an organic garden seed.

But what is an organic garden seed?

Organic Garden Seed

An organic garden seed is derived from plant that is grown organically, that is, without fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and any other synthetic and lab-concocted gardening products.

One benefit of organic seeds is that you can be sure that these seeds are prepared for the organic life. Unlike with conventional seeding, where seeds are placed under the best and ideal conditions for growing, an organic seed comes from plants that were subjected to harsher and tougher environments. As a result, organic seeds will do better in an organic garden at home than most regular seeds.

What’s wrong with regular garden seeds?

Very few people realized that more chemicals are sprayed on the seeds than on the plants that they come from. Seeds are often coated with fungicides to protect them against fungi and spores present in their husks that inhibit seedling growth. Imported seeds are also usually treated with a mixture of chemicals to ensure longevity. Some are even genetically altered to grow a ‘better variety’ of plants that are disease-resistant, with leaves that repel pests, and roots that do not rot.

But at what cost?

Frequent use of chemicals can change the genetic structure of seeds. Many organic growers avoid genetically altered seeds because one cannot exactly determine what extent of mutation will be present once they’ve become fully-grown plants. Genetic defects are also passed on to the seeds. And because they were modified at the genetic level, no one can clearly identify what ill-effects and dangers they will pose on humans once they are consumed. Likewise, breeding with other varieties of plants can lead to further mutation. When this happens, there’s a high possibility that they cause irreparable damage to the natural ecosystem.

Organic garden seed, apart from produced by plants that were grown the natural way, remain untreated and unaltered.

Companies and farms selling organic seeds are required to pass through rigorous tests and process inspections in order for their products to be certified as “Organically Grown” or OG. If you want to buy organic garden seed, you can start ordering from certified sources ahead of time because most organics seeds are available only at certain seasons.

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