The Secret of Attracting Butterflies in Your Garden

Attracting butterflies in garden, is it easy?

Attracting Butterflies in GardenThis blog post is neither about growing butterflies nor having them don some gardening gloves and pick up a spade. No, this little piece is about how to attract these colorful lepidopterans–about attracting butterflies in garden!

Why would you want to do that? Well, they look pretty for one, and they will give hours of entertainment to your pet cat no doubt, but of course the main purpose of attracting butterflies in garden is so that they can help your plants. Of course they not only seek nectar, they also seek host plants on which to lay their eggs.

Isn’t it obvious? Attracting butterflies in garden is about having bright colors!

Common flowers they like to gather nectar from include marigold, petunias, delphinium, peonies, and other flowers with flat-topped clustered heads. They also find the buddleia very appealing and lavender bushes – indeed purple and pink as a color seems to be their favorite! Host flowers they seek out include nasturtium, hollyhocks, sunflowers, violets and many common herbs.

A flat place – usually a large, flat stone – is good for butterflies to sun themselves and a shallow puddle or birdbath can also attract them if they want to quench their thirst. Generally the garden should be quiet and peaceful, and sunny. You might find it hard to attract butterflies if your garden is in some windstream or at the end of a block or street and situated right next to a main road with trucks hurtling past every five minutes.

Your local library or the Internet can help you reference the species of butterflies found in your area, and the flowers that will appeal to them.

Butterfly gardening has become one of the most popular hobbies in recent years. If you try it, you will see why and you will also see that attracting butterflies in garden is can be easy if you know what are they attracted to and what keeps them in your garden.