Hi, I’m Nova Person, and this is my Organic Gardening Secrets website. You probably landed here in search of useful information about organic gardening.

I’ve been gardening for over 20 years now and I created this website to share with you my experience and the things I learned about organic gardening. Organic gardening, for me, is no longer just a hobby, but a life-long passion. Like you, I started out with many questions about gardening. And I spent years looking for answers everywhere: from fellow gardeners, in books and magazines, on the Internet, and sometimes, I find them in my own garden.

With this website, I hope to provide answers to the questions about starting, growing, cultivating and maintaining an organic garden. Questions that I myself, asked before. You are very much welcome to enjoy my free articles and subscribe to my mini-course… and if you want a complete, detailed and very easy to understand guide on everything about organic gardening, then you will want to checkout the “Organic Gardening Secrets” eBook, where I poured all my 20-plus-years of knowledge on organic gardening.



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